Windows and doors

Benefit from a variety of window tools, based on our large experience and know-how. All tools can be made to customer specifications and requirements.

 Circular saw blade

Circular saw blades

Large selection of all types of circular saw blades, made of carbide or diamond. Used for many types of machining in the woodworking industries.

Read more about circular saw blades in the woodworking brochure



Solid carbide spiral


Solid carbide spirals

Many types of standard cutters for machining a large variety of materials. Available in diameters from 6-25 mm.




Tool for planing, moulding and grooving


Tools for planing, moulding and grooving

Large selection of moulding heads and knives. The Tersa system allows easy replacement of the cutter knives, which are available in chrome, HSS or solid carbide.


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Profiling system


Profiling systems

For milling we offer the UM Profile and 3P systems, or brazed and insert solutions.


See data on profiling systems:
Freud (PDF)  
Rekord's website
UM Safe-Fix


Standard and profile knives


Standard and profile knives

Comprehensive range of standard, radius, grooving and profile knives for the most common tooling systems in the woodworking industries.



Ultrasonic cleaner


Ultrasonic cleaner