Services for woodworking and furniture

With RE•NEW® tool maintenance your old tools become as good as new - or even better

RE•NEW™ regrinding recreates the orginal tool geometry

We regrind your tools and restore their original geometries, so they work just as well as new tools. That is why we call the process RE•NEW™.

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Optimization - make more money


Optimization – make more money

Book a meeting with our optimization expert, and learn how you can become more competitive and improve your bottom line.
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Kyocera Unimerco has the facilities and know-how to provide the best possible training of your staff.


Education – a clever way to lower your costs
Give your employees a course and get much more out of your machinery and tools.
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Coating can boost tool performance, prolong tool life and reduce scrapping in your production.


Coating – boost your tool performance

We can give your tools the right surface coating. That adds a number of good properties, improving both function and tool life.
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Tool management


Tool management systems
When your stock of a given tool has reached a certain minimum level, we will automatically replenish. It is simple and easy, and you need not check if the tools are in stock.
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