New tools for formatting

Kyocera Unimerco launches new formatting tools, developed with the aim of increasing machine capacity.

The tools are available in both steel and aluminium, named Black and White Tiger, respectively, says Kyocera Unimerco sales manager Egon Vingtoft.


‘The new tools have long tool lives. This means fewer tool changes and thus more capacity on the machine. This is the result of the inserts’ runout tolerance of only 0.03 mm. The tolerance remains this low even when the operator replaces the inserts’, says Egon Vingtoft.


The tools’ DP inserts are mounted in the axial angle. The system has an axial angle of 30 degrees.


New tools for formatting

Newly developed formatting tools with DP inserts from Kyocera Unimerco result in higher capacity and improved surface quality. Left Black Tiger, made of steel, and right White Tiger, made of aluminium. 


‘This high axial angle is vital to the edge quality of the finished workpieces. The chips are pushed down against the upper edge of the workpiece and up against the lower edge. This prevents tear out on both edges. Along with the low runout tolerance, Black and White Tiger’s special design improves both tool life and workpiece quality, resulting in higher capacity’, says Egon Vingtoft.


No downtime

It is recommended to buy a Black or White Tiger tool body together with two sets of inserts of 15 units each.


‘If you buy two sets of inserts, you can send one set in for regrinding and continue production with the other set. We also suggest buying two additional inserts, so that, if chipping occurs, you can simply replace the damaged inserts and resume production’, says Egon Vingtoft.


White Tiger is made of an extra durable type of aluminium. This makes it suitable for edgebanding and CNC machines, when there are weight restrictions on the spindle. Black and White Tiger are both supplied in various dimensions for different tasks and machines.