KGD – grooving and cut-off tools

Superior tools for grooving and cut-off.



  • Excellent chip control with various chipbreakers
  • Reliable and stable machining with superior clamping system
  • MEGACOAT technology ensures long tool life



  • Cutting width: 2 - 8 mm, cutting depth up to 30 mm
  • High-precision moulded inserts, width tolerance of ±0.03 mm (edge width 2, 3, 4 mm)
  • MEGACOAT carbide grades:
    • PR1225: The best choice for cut-off, grooving and traversing
    • PR1215: Superior wear resistance – recommended for grooving and cut-off under stable conditions. The best choice for machining of cast iron.
  • Toolholder (separate type): applicable for various types of grooving and cut-off, such as external and face cutting by replacing blade parts.