Kyocera Special inserts

Kyocera Unimerco manufactures special inserts and special toolholders with short delivery time

Using customized inserts and holders, you can solve machining tasks that were not previously possible.


Kyocera Unimerco can customize the cutting edge with a special profile for the specific task. Furthermore, we can develop special holders, where you can use both special inserts and standard inserts from the Kyocera range.


That gives you access to a wide range of standard inserts as well as to unique inserts with custom chip breakers, coatings and carbide grades.


Reduced unit costs

Many of Kyocera Unimerco’s European customers use special inserts and holders for workpieces with special contours, dimensions or tolerances.


The customers are able to manufacture the workpieces faster, because the tools are developed for the specific situation, for example with the right chip evacuation.


With customized solutions, the customers reduce the machining operations and programming required. Unit costs fall, just like with customized solid carbide tools.

Special MEC toolholder

Special MEC tool

Special inserts

Manucfacture of special toolholders