Seat and guide parent metal

Valve parent metal finishing


 Valve parent finishing


Reduction of cycle time. The customer previously used the same tool but with a straight-fluted reamer with no coolant outlets to the guide pads. The aim was a feed rate between 6 and 10 m/min. The straight-fluted reamer achieved a feed rate of 2.4 m/min.

Kyocera Unimerco tool solution

PCD combination reamer in adjustable UM DANDIA™ toolholder. The reamer has negative spiral and cutting geometry. 

All chips are blown forward by the internal coolant. There are additional coolant outlets to the guide pads.

Tool no.: 710098/000491 – 492.


Feed rate for the reamer was increased by a factor of 3.3 from Vf 2,400 mm/min. to Vf 8,000 mm/min., both running at 10,000 rpm. Diameter tolerance is extremely steady, and roundness is within 4 micron.


The increase of cutting data lead to a noticeable reduction of machining time, maintaining the same tool life.



  • Feed rate increased by a factor of 3.3
  • 4.2 seconds saved per cylinder head (51 hours/year)


  • 10,000 rpm
  • 8,000 mm/min. feed rate
    Counterbore: 2,500 mm/min. feed rate
  • Tool life 300,000 holes
  • Tool costs = 0.01 euro/cylinder head


Valve parent metal finishing

Machining centre

  • 50 bar internal coolant
  • 9% emulsion
  • Material : ALSi10MgCu


PCD step/profile reamer

PCD step/profile reamer


Combining reamer and profile geometry on the PCD inserts, this multi-purpose PCD tool is able to cut three different difficult features in one PCD tool.

Fluting and cutting geometries developed specifically for this application.


This combination reamer enables reduced overall cycle time due to fewer operations and increased cutting parameters.

Cutting data example

n = 8000-15000 RPM, fn = 0.3-0.5 mm/rev.


Seat & guide parent metal 

PCD combination tool
n = 10.000 Rpm
f = 4.000 mm/min.

Seat & guide parent metal

CFS PCD step drill
n = 15.000 Rpm
f = 12.000 mm/min.

Seat & guide parent metal

n = 10.000 Rpm
f = 4500/min.

 Seat & guide parent metal

PCD step/profile reamer
n = 15.000 Rpm
f = 8.000 mm/min.