MEW/MEWH – double sided inserts with 4 cutting edges and 90 degrees angle

MEW / MEW is a highly efficient 90-degree shoulder face mill with negative inserts, but with positive cutting angles. This is a low cutting force cutter, where both sides of the insert can be used to benefit the overall economy. The series comprises several types of cutters, including long-edge.



  • Double-sided inserts for low costs
  • Megacoat nano-technology coating and unique insert design provides reliable and constant tool life
  • Reduced insert consumption
  • Strong cutting edge for high productivity



  • Diameter range of end mill 16-50 mm, and mandrel-mounted cutter 32-80 mm
  • Insert size 10 and 15 mm
  • 5 different types of chip breakers and 6 different carbide grades
  • GW25 grades (uncoated HM) and PDL025 (DLC-coating) for machining aluminium
  • 4 cutting edges per insert
  • Low cutting force
  • The cutting surfaces have a robust construction



  • Shoulder face milling
  • Plunge cutting
  • Slot milling