Twist drills

Complete range of twist drills in HSS, carbide and multiplex, as well as modular drills.


The range has been selected to cover any machining situation and all workpiece materials.


The tools are characterised by high quality, meaning you get high process safety and great performance at a competitive price.


Our dynamic range of tools contains advanced high performance tools as well as tools for general application.


This means we are always able to provide the tool for the task you need to solve.


Well suited for regrinding

The drills you purchase from Kyocera Unimerco are well suited for regrinding. Our unique RE•NEW™ regrinding recreates the original geometries of the drill. After that, the tool is re-coated in our own coating centre.

TS100U is a drill with high performance, for many different applications. The drill can be used for a wide range of materials.
TS100T is a spiral flute deep hole drill for effective drilling of deep holes from 15-40D.
TS100 Inox
TS100 Inox is the solution when machining stainless steels and heat resistant super alloys.
TS100H Specialisten för krävande applikationer.